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Course Authoring

Adding Course Cards

The process of adding cards is at the heart of the Aptree Course Content Builder, enabling authors to craft engaging and interactive learning experiences. Each card represents a unique piece of content, such as text, images, videos, quizzes, and more.

Accessing Card Creation

  1. Access Course Builder: Navigate to the "Authoring" or "Course Authoring" section in the main menu or dashboard. Open the course you're working on.
  2. Module Selection: In the left sidebar, select the module where you want to add a card. This will open the module's content card builder in the right column.

Adding a Card

  1. Add Card: Within the module's content card builder, you'll find an "Add Card" button. Click on it to initiate the card creation process.
  2. Select Card Type: A menu or dialogue will appear, presenting various card types to choose from. Common card types include text, image, video, quiz, assignment, and more.
  3. Configure Card: Depending on the selected card type, you'll be prompted to input content, media, questions, answers, or other relevant information.

Card Configuration Examples

  • Text/Content Card: Enter the text content you want to display in the card. This can include headings, paragraphs, lists, and formatting.
Content can be selected with a left sided image, right sided image, no image or image only

Video Card: Embed a video by pasting the video URL. Include a title or description to provide context.

Document Card: If you simply want to upload a document use this feature

Quiz Card: Add questions, answer choices, and correct answers to create interactive quizzes.

Editing and Reordering Cards

  1. Edit Card: Once a card is added, you can click on it to edit its content, media, questions, or details.
  2. Reorder Cards: Use the drag-and-drop functionality to reorder cards within the module. Click and hold on a card, then drag it to the desired position.

In the next section we will go into detail about how to use each course content card type.